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Sculptor.org This is an extensive and comprehensive resource site, of interest particularly to sculptors. Categories include: Education, Associations, OnLine Galleries , sculptors by country and region, metal sculpture, computer aided sculpture, history and research, stone sculpture, business, tools, supplies, techniques, events and gatherings, classifieds, and last but not least, web site design. Check it out.

The Internet Art Database This is a well designed and comprehensive site that is easy to search. You can cross reference type of art with media to do very concise search. Graphics load fast and are high quality.

World Wide Arts Resources "offers the definitive, interactive gateway to all exemplars of qualitative arts information and culture on the Internet. Artists, museums, galleries, art history, arts education, antiques, performing arts ranging from dance to opera, classified ads, resume postings and more..."

Guild.com "The Source of Finest Artists and their work...Welcome to the world's largest online collection of original contemporary art and fine craft for gifts, your home or your collection." This site is growing. You cannot cross reference type of art with media when you search, and under some categories you can only see lists of artists, with no thumbnails.

Artfest This may be a site where you can find a lot of good artists that you can't find on slicker sites. It takes FOREVER to load, there are no thumbnails, and you can't cross reference... but if you have patience and enjoy surprises, you can pick a category and start looking at people's web sites.

Metacrawler Metacrawler searches LOTS of search engines at one time (Altavista, About, Lycos and Excite, to name a few.) It is GREAT! !